Selecting the Perfect Heating System for Your Toronto House: Practical Advice

In winter, you need to protect your home against the unpleasant freezing weather so, it is important to install heating systems in your Toronto home to stay protected against chilly winter. Home heating systems are basically systems with a mechanism that maintains pre-set temperatures at a certain level. These heating systems can be distributed or centralized and they are all part of the HVAC system. The question is how to choose the right heating system as there are different options available for home heating systems and deciding which one to choose is not an easy task. Usually efficiency, convenience, and budget are the main three factors to be considered for the selection of a suitable Home Heating system. So let’s take a look at the 3 most popular heating systems to choose from:

Forced air heating system

The first and more prevalent heating system is the central forced air system using a gas furnace or an oil-based furnace as a fuel and then pushing the heated air via ducts to the whole house. There are several important reasons for the popularity of this system but the main ones would probably be the easy maintenance, relatively low cost to operate, fast action and relief as well as the fact that the homeowner has the ability to use the same duct system and install a central air system to cool the house in the winter.

Radiator heating system

The 2nd most popular heating system is the water-cast iron central heating radiator system. This heating system uses a boiler which heats up the water in the hot water tank and then the hot water gets circulated throughout the house and reaches the various rooms. Because water maintains its temperature better throughout the system, there is no need to have the system run for as long and since the system does not run as much, the use of energy is reduced and so is the bill. However, those big old radiators can be an aesthetic problem as they take over the room, make it harder to decorate or furnish the room properly and take up valuable space in smaller areas.

Radiant floor heating system

The 3rd heating system which is considerably newer and therefore less popular but is gaining popularity very fast indeed is the Radiant Floor Heating system. The radiant floor heating system can be divided into 2 main categories: the electric floor heating system and the water floor heating system. Both floor heating systems use the same principles – you install certain heating elements under the flooring area and control the heat from one thermostat. Usually, the electric floor heating system is used in smaller spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens etc. and the water floor heating system is used in larger areas or throughout the house.

The reason for using water over electrical or vice versa is simple, if you are building your house from scratch or maybe going through a large renovation and you have access to the flooring of the whole house then you can easily lay a network of tubing before installing the floors. But, if your house is built already and you happen to just renovate your kitchen or bathroom then you may want to get an electrical system installed by buying a mat of special electrical wiring. Either way, a floor heating system is a great way to heat your house or room and most people love the feeling of the heat at their feet.

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