Central air conditioning, generally known as central air is an air conditioning system that utilizes ductwork to disperse refrigerated and/or dehumidified air to more than a single area, or makes use of plumbing to deliver cold water to heat exchangers within more than 1 space, and that is not connected to a typical power outlet.

Central air conditioning together with a standard split system, the actual condenser and compressor tend to be found in an outside unit; the evaporator is actually installed in the air handler unit. Together with a package system, just about all parts will be found in a solitary out-of-door unit which may be found on the ground or roof structure.

Central air conditioning functions just like a standard air conditioner and yet offers a number of additional advantages:

  • Whenever the air handling unit turns on, space airflow is pulled out of several areas of the home via return-air ductwork. This particular air is drawn through a filtration system whereby air-borne contaminants such as airborne dirt and dust and lint are usually taken out. Advanced filter systems could possibly get rid of microscopic contaminants as well. The actual filtered air is sent to air supply ductwork which carries it back again to the spaces. Anytime the air conditioner is operating, this kind of never-ending cycle repeats continuously.
  • Simply because the condenser unit (with its fan and the compressor) is actually situated outside the residence, it provides a reduced amount of interior disturbance compared to a free-standing air conditioning unit.

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