portable air conditioning unitsPortable air conditioners are movable units that can easily be utilized to cool a particular area of a home in a modular fashion, without a need for permanent installation.

The majority of portable air conditioners tend to be refrigeration based rather than evaporative.

All refrigerated type portable air conditioners have to have exhaust hoses for ventilation and through this method of air intake, cooling and ventilation, air is continuously pumped via the unit until eventually the area actually reaches any preferred temperature setting. Additionally, the refrigerant functions to not just cool the air but also dehumidify air in the area, owing to the temperatures decrease in the air which usually results in the saturation of the water content of the air, producing moisture build-up or condensation whenever the air is returned to the area.

The air may as a result end up being left without having this ional water content. The water loss rate is adequately high to demand collection or waterflow and drainage.

The precise circumstances for the moisture build-up or condensation of the water from the air can be approximated using a Psychrometric chart for air at room pressure.

Whatever the situation may be with your portable air conditioning units call Toronto heating and air conditioning company and we will send our specialized HVAC technicians to sort it out for you the best way possible.