You’ve spent a lot of money on your new air conditioning system in the hopes that it will keep you dry and comfortable through the hottest, most humid days the Toronto summer can throw at you. In the process, you’ve heard a lot about BTUs and EER ratings and may have even heard that the typical air conditioning system never delivers on its full, rated capacity. While to some extent that’s true there are also tweaks your air conditioner installation tech can make to maximize the performance of your new system.

Getting the Most From Your Air Conditioner Installation

Here are a few of the steps a good HVAC technician will take to ensure your new air conditioning system is running as close to its rated capacity as possible.

  • Adjust the airflow – Air flow is crucial to your system’s performance. It’s impossible to measure system effectiveness, refrigerant charge, or anything else unless the airflow is properly adjusted. A good HVAC tech will conduct a few simple tests to verify the proper airflow, make any necessary tweaks, and then adjust the rest of the system accordingly.
  • Adjust the Subcooling – It’s important that the subcooling be adjusted to its correct level to maximize the overall efficiency of the system. Too much and you waste condenser capacity, too little and your refrigerant doesn’t ever fully condense and your system’s efficiency suffers. A good HVAC technician will make sure the subcooling is properly adjusted.
  • Adjust the fanCentral air systems are not renowned for their incredible range of fan settings. To be exact you have a choice of two: ‘on’ or ‘auto’. If set to ‘on’ your fan will blow continuously. A good air conditioner repair and installation tech will always make sure your fan is set to ‘auto’ because this little trick alone could save you $20-30 per month.

In addition to the above tweaks, there are a few other steps a good HVAC tech can take during installation to ensure you won’t be wasting money, including:

  • Install a programmable thermostat – A programmable thermostat is easy to install and can wind up saving you a bundle on your energy bills. If you are normally out of the house at predictable times each day the thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature accordingly. Your air conditioner installation specialist can install one in about a half hour and as a result, you’ll get off on the right foot as far as energy usage goes.
  • Inspect the ductwork – Before the system comes online a good installation technician will do a final inspection of the ductwork to make sure everything is ship-shape and there are no leaks. Leaky ducts can cause the system to use 25% more energy than it ordinarily would offset all that lost air.
  • Install economizers – An economizer is a device that measures the outside air in order to determine if it’s the right temperature and humidity to be useful in the house. If the outside air meets the established criteria it is used to cool the house. This ability to use outside air can drastically reduce the amount of energy your system uses. A good installation tech will give you the option of installing economizers and take the time to explain exactly how they work.

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