Common Services Offered by Local HVAC Contractors

HVAC, as you probably already know, stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. As you can imagine, there are many ways in which an experienced Toronto HVAC engineer could help you, 6 of which we have listed for you in this article. The next time you have a problem that is mentioned in our list, you can pick up the phone and call a specialist to help you right away.

What an HVAC Contractor Can Do For You

If you are affected by any of the issues below, get in touch with a reputable Toronto HVAC team and your problem should soon be resolved.
  • Malfunctioning Furnace – Any time that your main heating appliance starts to misbehave, the best person to call is your friendly, local HVAC expert. A furnace is well within their area of expertise and considering the price of new models, you most certainly want a qualified engineer to be working on yours. With professional care and attention, a good quality furnace should serve you well for many years.
  • OverWorked Ductless Air Con Units – If one of your mini split ductless air conditioning units is making hard work of lowering the temperature and humidity in your home, there is almost certainly something wrong with it. Whether it happens to be a malfunctioning compressor or leaking refrigerant, a qualified and experienced HVAC contractor will be able to diagnose the fault and repair your air conditioning unit to full working order.
  • Broken Central Air Con System – A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialist will also be more than capable of fixing a ducted air-con system should it let you down. Qualified HVAC technicians are trained to track down faults in the largest of industrial cooling systems so they should have very little trouble fixing the domestic equipment in your Toronto home. It is best to attend to air-con faults as soon as possible as they can cost you a lot of money in terms of higher electricity usage during the summer months.
  • New Furnace Installations – If you need to replace your current heating unit, either because it is beyond repair or it has reached an age where there are many far more efficient models on the market, an HVAC contractor could be your new best friend. Just make sure that whoever you do business with has comprehensive liability insurance and is fully qualified to perform the installation work but also provide post-installation services like furnace repair, tune-ups, and maintenance.
  • Mini Split Installations – If you have moved to a property that has no central air conditioning, mini splits, or ductless, units are well worth considering. You can have them installed by a local HVAC contractor in every room where you would like to control the temperature and humidity, without the accompanying disruption that would be caused by installing a new ducted system.
  • Upgrade Confusion – If you are not sure which model of furnace or ductless air-con unit to install in your home when your current equipment has reached the end of its useful lifespan, an experienced HVAC engineer will be able to help you make the best choice for your property, lifestyle, and budget. They will also be able to explain the main features of each model you are considering and provide you with details of what each one can and cannot do.
For homeowners and business proprietors in the GTA, Tropic Air is here to help with all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. We are a highly experienced and highly competitive HVAC contractor, catering to both domestic and commercial customers in this part of the world. Call today to discuss your requirements and to request a detailed quotation.