Hiring a Toronto HVAC contractor can be a tricky thing, especially if you’ve never done it before. How do you know you’re getting a real professional instead of some fly-by-night phony? What can the contractor provide as proof they know what they’re doing? What other questions might you ask the contractor to set your mind at ease? While there are no absolute answers to these questions there are some things you’ll want the contractor to produce before you enlist their help.

Documentation A Legitimate HVAC Contractor Should be Able to Provide

True HVAC professionals are as aware as anyone that the contractor landscape is littered with more than its share of phonies. For this reason, a real pro will never balk at the idea of providing you the proof you need to put your mind at ease about hiring them. They’ll be glad to. Here are the things all legitimate HVAC contractors should be able to produce on request.

  • Contractor’s license – Ask to see the HVAC contractor’s license. If they are legit they’ll have no problems showing it to you. While licensing requirements vary by province and city almost all contractors in Toronto, including HVAC contractors, need to be licensed. The technicians who work for the contractor must also go through a lengthy apprenticeship program.
  • Liability insurance – If the HVAC contractor damages your home while working on it who is going to pay for repairs? If the contractor has liability insurance their insurance company will. If they don’t, you will. So you can see it’s important to know the contractor you hire is fully insured and that they can produce proof of coverage. If they can’t you should move on.
  • Workman’s compensation insurance – This is another form of coverage you must insist the HVAC contractor can prove upfront before you agree to work with them and for a very good reason. If one of the contractor’s workers gets hurt while on your property and they don’t have workman’s comp you could wind up paying their medical expenses and more.
  • Accreditation – While it’s not required that HVAC contractors be accredited by an outside organization it doesn’t hurt to know that they are. Accreditation simply means one of these outside organizations has put the contractor to the test and found them professionally competent. Most accredited contractors will be proud of this and gladly share it with you.

Some other things you may want to ask before hiring an HVAC contractor:

  • How long have you been in business? – You don’t want to be anyone’s first customer.
  • Can you supply references? – If they can’t or won’t don’t even think about hiring them.
  • Do you perform background checks? – It’s nice to know who you’re letting into your house.
  • What about drug testing? – You don’t want someone working on your gas furnace that’s high.
  • Will you put your quotation in writing? – If they won’t, find a company that will.
  • Do you guarantee your work? – If yes, for how long?

Hiring the right contractor requires that you be patient and involved in the process. It won’t do you any good to take people’s word on things as important as licenses and insurance coverage. Ask to see proof. If they won’t provide proof, thank them and call someone else.

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