Inspecting the heating and air conditioning system

Anyone who has bought a house in Toronto knows the importance of bringing inspectors along to take a close look at the foundation, roofing, etc. Another thing that should never be overlooked when you are considering purchasing a house is the HVAC system. If the furnace has been neglected it may need expensive furnace repairs and at times even new furnace replacements, and if the ductwork has never been inspected or cleaned it too may need a lot of work to ensure the air you’re breathing in your new home is clean.

Make sure the Heating and Air Conditioning System is in Tip-Top Shape

Inspecting the heating and air conditioning system from the basement to the attic is crucial before deciding whether or not to buy a particular house. You should have a fully qualified Toronto HVAC technician inspect the order to ensure nothing is missed. Some of the things you’ll want to look for include:

  • Cracked heat exchanger – If the previous occupants had a habit of not changing the air filters or blocking registers it may have caused backups in the system leading to a cracked heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide (CO) gas to leak into the home with potentially deadly consequences. Just because the previous tenants may have dodged a bullet with CO doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.
  • Leaking ducts – Leaky ductwork can wind up costing you a lot of money in the long term. On any given day the amount of heat you lose through leaking ducts may not be great but over the long term, it adds up. Leaky ducts also mean the heating and air conditioning system has had to work harder than it should to compensate. This type of overwork causes the furnace and air conditioning units to age prematurely and can cut years off their intended lifespan.
  • Damaged blower – If the previous owner was not diligent in their maintenance of the furnace dirt and debris may have infiltrated the unit and caused the blower to work harder than it was designed to. In time all this excess effort will catch up to the blower motor and the bearings may wear out. While the furnace is on listen for squeaking sounds that could indicate problems with the blower.
  • Carbon monoxide – Although an inspection of the heat exchanger may not reveal any cracks or carbon monoxide leaks that doesn’t mean this colorless, odorless gas isn’t still leaking from elsewhere, especially if the system is old. Make sure the HVAC technician checks the entire system for CO leaks. The health of everyone in the house depends on it.
  • Mold – If the ducts are in poor repair moisture can leak into them leading to the growth of mold. The previous tenants may have experienced allergies they chalked up to the flowers in the yard when actually the source was mold in the ductwork. Or they may have fallen ill more than is typical with the mold spores emanating from the ductwork the hidden cause of their health woes. Make sure the ducts are inspected thoroughly in order to root out mold.

Toronto Heating and Air Conditioning Company are the GTA’s premier source for air conditioning system installation, periodic air conditioning service, and emergency air conditioning repair. If you are contemplating purchasing a home make sure you arrange for one of our HVAC technicians to conduct a thorough inspection of the new home’s heating and air conditioning system. A home is likely the largest single investment you’ll ever make so you can’t be too careful. By having a professional HVAC technician inspect the home you’ll be able to tell if the house is ready to move in or will require work.