take control of heating and air conditioning in 2017This is the year to take control of your residential heating and air conditioning. There are so many common mistakes people make and things that are not done properly that can easily be changed to get the best use out of their heating and air conditioning.  

How to Take Control of Your Heating and Air Conditioning

Follow these simple steps to save money and get the most efficiency out of your heating and air conditioning in Toronto.  
  • Change the Filter: This is one very easy step that you should carry out monthly to almost guarantee a longer life for your furnace as well as avoid any emergency furnace repairs. When the filter is dirty or clogged it will restrict air flow. This causes a lot of strain on the furnace to get the air flowing, which in turn, shortens its life span and can cause overheating.
  • Take Action: A very common mistake people make is not researching the problem or calling their local Toronto HVAC service provider as soon as they notice something is wrong with their heating and air conditioning. Whether it is strange noises or your system has been on for hours with no temperature change, it is very important to take action and figure out what the problem is. Neglecting this cannot only pose safety risks but you may also risk your furnace or air conditioning completely breaking down.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Something many people are aware of but still don’t do consistently, is changing their thermostat. Simply setting it a few degrees lower in the winter or a few degrees higher in the summer while away from home can save you up to 10-15% off of your electricity bill yearly! It costs more to continuously heat or cool your house than it does to reheat or cool it after being away for a few hours. So stop paying for your house to be heated while no one is home and make it a part of your routine to change the thermostat before leaving for work. You can also check out some of the programmable thermostats we offer!
  • Check the Insulation in Your Home: With the new carbon tax starting this year, it gives you all the more reason to ensure you are getting the most out of your heating and air conditioning. In Toronto, our winters are undeniably freezing and summers can make you feel like you are melting away. The last thing you need is your hard-earned money leaking away through badly insulated windows and doors. If some rooms feel more comfortable than others, or you notice your AC or furnace is constantly running, you may need to have them re-insulated to get the most out of your heating and air conditioning!
  • Maintenance: Because heating and air conditioning is such an important thing in your home and business, you should have a licensed HVAC contractor come in at least once a year to ensure everything is working correctly. Ideally, having it serviced in the fall and spring will provide you with the best-functioning air conditioning (AC unit) and furnace. If you are ever unsure of a problem be sure to call a HVAC contractor and do not try to fix problems that are best handled by a certified HVAC contractor.
Your furnace and AC are huge investments for your home and should be treated just as that. Without the proper attention and care you could lose years of use and waste thousands of dollars while installing a new furnace or replacing old AC units (air conditioning) so be sure to take maintenance on your furnace and AC seriously. Please feel free to call us at (647) 955-8625 for any questions or concerns that you may have regarding HVAC solutions!