Choosing a Toronto HVAC Contractor: The Consequences of Neglecting Research and Asking Right Questions

Every trade is beset by figures on the fringe who try and profit from people’s misplaced trust.  Unfortunately, the HVAC industry in Toronto is not immune to this problem. The vast majority of HVAC companies employ honest methods and highly trained professional technicians who always do what’s right for their customers. But how can you tell that you’re hiring the right kind of company, and what is the potential cost of not choosing carefully?

Selecting the Right HVAC Contractor

If you’re not careful in your selection of an HVAC contractor you may fall victim to any of several possible scams, including:

  • Scam 1 – You’re having a minor problem with your furnace and call a number from a business card someone dropped in your mailbox. They show up and spend some time in the basement talking to their girlfriend on the phone. They then emerge and declare there’s nothing wrong with your furnace and that will be $200 please, cash only.
  • Scam 2 – You get a cold call from an HVAC contractor who tells you they’re offering a special price on furnace maintenance. You say okay. They show up and spend most of the time trying to get you to sign on for other services available at not-so-special prices. Oh, and that furnace maintenance they promised at the special price? Maybe they do it, and maybe they don’t.
  • Scam 3 – You hear a funny sound in your ducts and call an HVAC company you know nothing about. After a half hour downstairs they emerge holding several strange-looking devices. They explain: “The ratatat of the corpuscle is looping the fig newton. They’ll all need to be replaced immediately or your furnace could explode.” You say okay. They smile.
  • Scam 4 – The HVAC contractor emerges from your basement with a dire look on his face. Your furnace, he declares, has developed a carbon monoxide leak and needs to be replaced immediately. He appeals to your sense of duty to your family and your desire to do the right thing by them. Ask him to prove it. If he resists you can be pretty sure he’s up to no good.

To avoid any of the above unhappy scenarios you’ll want to spend some time making sure you find an HVAC contractor that can be trusted. Here are a few simple ways to do this:

  • References – Ask for references and follow up with phone calls. If they won’t supply references don’t even think of using them.
  • Contact the BBB – The BBB keeps a record of complaints and lawsuits against contractors.
  • Get things in writing – Get everything in writing before work starts without exception.
  • Shop around – Hiring the first HVAC contractor that comes along is a good recipe for spending more than you need to.
  • Make sure they have an address – Make sure your contractor has a verifiable business address; not a Post Office box or a made-up address.

The comfort and safety of your home are of vital importance, but it’s all too easy to fall victim to scammers when you’re trying to do the right thing. To prevent that from happening make sure you do your homework before enlisting the help of an unknown HVAC contractor.

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