Air conditioner installations are a must if you don’t want to sweat through the summer in a city like Toronto. These days they’re pretty much standard and it’s rare to find a house or apartment without one. All of this means that residents need to take into account the energy costs that the unit will incur when fixing their monthly budgets. With city rents, mortgage payments, and other outgoings as high as they are, it’s in all of our interests to try to keep down the cost of running our air conditioners. Rather than trying to do this by strictly regulating usage, the first steps should be taken before the unit is even installed.

How to Make Sure of the Optimal Air Conditioner Installation

Choosing the right air conditioning unit, and finding Toronto’s best heating and air conditioning professionals, to carry out the installation are very important parts of ensuring the future success of your installation. There is still more you need to do, however, to have peace of mind. Aside from the usual questions you should ask installation outfits (such as “Are you insured?”, and “What qualifications do you have?”) – important as they are – there are a few other questions we tend to forget to ask until it’s too late. Here we’ll take a look at those questions and find out why they are important: • What does your aftercare package include? This question is more important than you might think, due to the variety and complexity of different air conditioner installations. It’s always preferable to be able to count on a technician or engineer who is familiar with your system, and even your particular installation. Your installation may require an annual air conditioning unit inspection and service by a qualified Toronto HVAC technician. When replacement parts are needed while repairing your air conditioning unit, you need to know that they will be readily and quickly available. When you need expert help, you need to know you won’t have to wait days or weeks for it. Be sure to analyze any aftercare package carefully, and don’t settle for anything unsatisfactory. • What does the warranty/guarantee cover? This can be related to the question above but should be asked separately before installing a new furnace or replacing an old air conditioning unit. The better the warranty, the more faith it shows the company has in its product and installation. Be sure to check that both the unit and the installation are covered by the warranty, however. Contractors should have their own warranties, aside from the product warranty. Not having one could invalidate the product warranty, anyway, so always be sure to confirm this. • How long will installation take? Having a new air conditioner installation fitted can be highly disruptive and you might need to take time off work to stay home while the work is finished. All of that is going to cost you money. Seeing as you are paying, you should also find out if they will clean up after themselves, including restoring the work area to its original condition. If this is not included, you will either have to take the time to clean up and restore the work area by yourself, or you’ll need to bring in an independent cleaner and maybe a handyman to do it. Any furnace and air conditioning contractor operating in Toronto who is worth their salt will understand the need for you to ask such questions. Experienced HVAC contractors will expect you to ask, and have straightforward answers for you. They know that an air conditioner installation is not something most people deal with more than a few times in their lives and that consequently, they need to be as open and helpful as possible when working with you.