When most people think of mold they think of slimy stuff growing in the damp recesses of the basement or around the downspouts of their Toronto home. But mold can also take up residence in your HVAC system and wreak havoc on your health and the health of everyone else in the home by way of allergic reactions, respiratory disorders, and more. In some cases, certain types of mold will release what are called mycotoxins which, if inhaled, can cause pneumonia and even death.

Mold and Your Air Conditioning Installation

Let’s look at ways you can prevent mold from taking root in your system after an air conditioning installation as well as some ways to remove it once it’s already there. Most of these will work for both elimination and prevention.
  • Install a Variable Speed Air Handler (VSAH) – The VSAH adjusts the fan motor speed to accommodate changing conditions in the home and will allow you to run the HVAC system continuously while still saving energy. It can be an invaluable tool in the fight to prevent mold because the air is continuously filtered. As a result, any spores that may enter the system have a better chance of being caught.
  • Install a UV light filter in your system – UV lights provide a safe, inexpensive means of cleansing your HVAC system of mold and keeping it away. Typically UV lights are installed to shine on the evaporator coil but others may also be needed within the ducts near the supply or return vents to head off mold spore intrusions. UV filters can be part of a furnace installation or be retrofitted to your air conditioning system.
  • Check your basement for water leaks – Mold spores don’t just miraculously appear in your system, they come from somewhere. A major source of mold is the basement. Small cracks in your foundation or leaks around basement windows can let in water that leads to mold. Once it takes hold it will start to send out more spores that will eventually find their way into the HVAC system. Do a thorough inspection of your basement and fix any water issues you find.
  • Have your system inspected regularly – Whether your home is brand new or 100 years old and whether you just had a furnace installation or have a legacy system it’s important to have your furnace regularly tuned up and the air conditioner serviced periodically. all HVAC components are inspected twice a year and the air filter is changed during each inspection. This will help ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency and that any mold activity is quickly and completely dealt with.

Additional Steps You Can Take to Prevent Mold

  • Prevent excessive moisture from collecting at various points in your home like under the sinks, in the shower, and around pipes.
  • When they come to service your system inform the HVAC tech who did your air conditioning installation if you’ve noticed any musty odors.
  • Inspect the basement for standing water once a month. If you have water table issues install a sump pump without delay.
  • If your clothes got dirty working in the yard don’t wear them around the house. Wash them as soon as you get inside.
  • Install ventilation fans in your attic to keep the air moving and prevent mold from taking up residence.
  • Vacuum any carpeting regularly and thoroughly.
If you suspect mold may have infiltrated your HVAC system call  Tropic Air and let us take care of the problem. We’ve been helping the people of the GTA maintain comfortable, healthy environments within their homes since 1992 and can help return your home to a tip-top condition in no time.