hvac contractor in TorontoAs awareness of the importance of energy efficiency grows, more and more people are choosing to have home energy audits carried out. An audit is designed to find out how much energy your home uses and how you can improve its efficiency, therefore reducing your energy bills and helping the environment. An energy auditing professional or a licensed Toronto HVAC contractor will be able to make suggestions and recommendations that will help you run your home more efficiently in the future.

Home Energy Auditors and HVAC Contractors Can Assist

It is possible to audit your own home, although this isn’t recommended as it is time-consuming, complicated, and doesn’t give you any new input as to how you can improve efficiency. To do this, you would need to know your annual energy expenditure, the area of your house, and the energy efficiency of other homes in your area of Toronto. It is much more productive to use the services of a home energy auditor, who will combine the use of various techniques to reach an accurate approximation of your household energy efficiency and make recommendations based on that.

When taking this approach, there are a few things to keep in mind:

• Home Energy Auditors Use a Variety of Techniques – It is worthwhile to ask a professional what techniques they will use to assess the energy efficiency of your home. A good auditor will be taking readings using infrared detectors, thermal imaging, and blower doors. There is no point in paying for someone who doesn’t use these techniques, as you could probably reach the same conclusions using the same basic techniques. A good auditor will be able to locate specific areas which are compromising your home’s efficiency. • They Will Inspect Your Systems Thoroughly – Most of us don’t have the expertise and knowledge to look at an HVAC and determine whether it is working properly or not. An increasing number of HVAC contractors are putting their skills to work in the area of home energy auditing. They will assess the condition of the air conditioning system and the furnace, determine whether they are up to standard, and if they can be upgraded. They will also give you advice on how to improve overall efficiency with periodic furnace maintenance, cleaning filters, ducts, and piping, clearing blockages, and adjusting the thermostat. • They Can Make Recommendations in Several Areas – Home energy auditing isn’t just about heating and air conditioning. Professionals use their knowledge to take measurements and make recommendations in many areas. Most householders find they can make changes to their lighting, for example, to save money. If not, it may be the case that a tankless water heater could be the answer to your problem. • It’s Good for You and Your Family’s Health – Home Energy Auditors and HVAC contractors can often make surprising recommendations – the type of water you use for drinking could be improved, or the quality of air inside your home may be raised. These effects can be important for your health. Sometimes, a drastic problem can be rectified – for example, if the auditor detects high levels of CO, CO2, or Radon. Fixing these problems gives you peace of mind and protects you and your family’s wellbeing. While some proposed solutions may be too expensive to implement immediately, such as replacing window panes, frames, insulation, and so on – it is always worth knowing what needs to be done in case you have work done on the house. It’s always a good time to think about how to improve energy efficiency and so you should get in touch with a home energy auditor or HVAC contractor in Toronto now, to see how you can save money, your health, and the environment. Tropic Air Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing quality HVAC services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for over three decades. Our dedication to exceeding client expectations has established us as a prominent firm in Toronto for furnace installations, boiler repairs, and air conditioning services. We put the customer first by offering same-day emergency repairs for Air Conditioning units, tankless water heaters, and efficient air conditioner installation.