You’ve conducted your due diligence and stayed patient. Finally, after a long and painstaking search one HVAC contractor has emerged above the others as being dependable, hard working and always on the up and up. Now what? A business relationship is a two-sided affair so the fact that you found what may be the perfect contractor doesn’t mean either of you can now enter a period of benign neglect. There will be some work to do to keep things amicable and productive and to establish the groundwork for good future interactions.

Working With Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors

Many a home contractor nightmare can be sourced back to poor communications and an atmosphere of distrust. Mutual understanding is the key to preventing nightmare scenarios from happening. Here are a few things you have a right to expect from your HVAC contractor.

From Their Side

Keep in mind that most top-flight contractors are in high demand and so there may be some waiting involved before they’re able to handle your project. That said, a good heating and air conditioning contractor should:

  • Work with you to fully and clearly define their responsibilities re: the project at hand.
  • Procure all necessary permits and act as liaison with the inspector.
  • Refrain from installing used, old, cheap or refurbished parts.
  • Always shows up when they’re expected and if they’re going to be late, call to let you know.
  • Treat your home with the respect it deserves.
  • Never leave a mess for you to clean up.
  • Not take offence to questions or the airing of concerns.
  • Finish the work on schedule.

Now, as we’ve said this contractor/homeowner relationship is a two-sided coin. If we assume the heating and air conditioning contractor you found adheres to all the behavioral norms laid about above then it’s your turn to return the favor and keep things pleasant and productive.

From Your Side

Here are a few simple steps you can take to encourage a productive relationship with your HVAC contractor.

  • Understand that mistakes can happen. As long as it’s not a regular thing you need to accept that, on occasion, even the perfect contractor will make a mistake. Let it go.
  • Stick to the payment schedule. Unless you have a compelling reason to withhold payment you should always pay on time.
  • You are the boss but you’re not the dictator. As the person laying out the money you are undoubtedly the one in charge. Don’t let it go to your head.
  • Provide coffee and donuts once in awhile. Not all HVAC jobs will last for days and weeks at a time but if you work with a contractor more than once provide coffee and donuts during one of their visits.


No HVAC contractor is expecting you to lay out the red carpet for their arrival and you shouldn’t expect them to kiss your ring. Instead, both sides should strive to keep it civil, keep it respectful, keep things clear and meet all agreed upon timetables for both work and payment. If you do those things the good HVAC contractor you found will be someone you can call upon for dependable service for years to come.

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