Ensure Your HVAC Contractor Examines Your Ducts This Winter

If you’ve ever had an oscillating fan you know that if they’re not cleaned regularly they can accumulate dirt and grime on the blades and protective grate. The same thing happens with the ductwork in your Toronto house. In many homes, the ductwork will sit idle for half the year or more, collecting dust and mold and maybe even unwanted visitors like raccoons. All of these can present a problem when it comes time to fire up the furnace once the weather gets cold.

HVAC Contractors Are the Ones to Call to Clean Your Ductwork

To prevent dirt, debris, mold, and more from blowing out into the faces of your loved ones when you start up the furnace this fall, it’s important to have a properly trained Toronto HVAC contractor inspect and clean your ducts and furnace first. You may ask: “What happens if I don’t take this important maintenance step?“ Only…

  • Dirty, Unhealthy Air – You want the air you and your loved ones breathe to be as clean as possible. Failing to check your furnace and have your ducts cleaned could lead to all manner of dirt, dust, pest hair, mold spores, and more being inhaled by everyone in the house.
  • Inefficiency – If your ductwork is clogged with dirt and debris (and perhaps raccoons, mice, or other uninvited guests) and the filter is dirty, it’s going to operate at only a fraction of its intended efficiency. This means less air circulating through the house (and dirty air at that) and a system that is being taxed to its limits.
  • Damage to Your System – If your system is clogged and working overtime the effect will be to shorten the lifespan of system components including the blower and the furnace itself. A simple cleaning of the air ducts, replacement of the filter, and check of the furnace before putting it into service can prevent this.

Typically the process of having your air ducts checked and cleaned by an HVAC contractor will go something like this:

  • Visual Inspection – The HVAC technician will begin with what they can see with the naked eye. Following that most companies will send a camera through the ductwork to spot clogs or pests.
  • Clean Registers – All registers will be removed and cleaned on both sides to eliminate mold and other contaminants that could interfere with airflow or present a health threat.
  • Brushing and Blasting – Some companies will send a rotating brush through the ductwork to thoroughly clean it out. Some companies will blast compressed air through the system.
  • Clean Up – Any contractor engaged in work in private homes knows the importance of cleaning up after themselves. The HVAC contractor is no different in this regard.

Make sure you have the professionals at Toronto Heating and Air Conditioning also conduct a thorough check of your furnace before bringing it back online for the winter. If there are any issues unresolved from last year they will only be compounded by ignoring them and putting the furnace back into service.

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