Which Furnace Noises Should Cause Concern?

If you’re hearing rattling, clanging, banging, and popping in your walls, chances are it’s not paranormal activity. What it is, in all likelihood, is your HVAC system trying to tell you something. Ignoring these messages could wind up costing you big in the long run so it’s important to understand what the different sounds may mean. The furnace repair pros at Tropic Air, Heating, and Air Conditioning Company have put together a list of sounds you’re likely to hear and what each one indicates.

Different Sounds Will Indicate Different Kinds of Furnace Repair Are In Order

A typical HVAC system includes many components that could be generating noise, from the ducts to the blowers to the return grills to the air filter and more. Different components will generate different sounds. Here are the most common noises you’ll hear and their likely cause.
  • Popping – When the galvanized metal of the ductwork heats up, it expands. When it cools down it contracts. During either of these processes, the duct may generate a popping noise: just as a plastic bottle will in a room where the air conditioning has been on for a while.
  • Rattling – As ductwork gets older it tends to loosen. As air moves through the system this looseness creates a situation where the ducts are banging up against each other. If you’re hearing a lot of rattling in your ductwork it’s probably time to have the ducts replaced.
  • Vibrations – A dirty filter on the return side can block the smooth flow of air in the entire system. When this happens there will occasionally be a pressure drop within the system of ducts that creates vibrations and/or shaking.
  • Squeaking or Squealing – A squealing or squeaking sound may indicate a frayed or loose belt on the blower. Think of the squealing noise a loose belt on a car makes. It’s the same with blower belts. Call the furnace installation and repair pros at Tropic air Heating and Air Conditioning to come to take a look.
  • A Booming Sound – A loud booming sound is most often generated where the duct trunk meets the furnace plenum. This area endures the largest temperature swings and a booming sound may indicate an issue with the expansion joints or dampers in this area. If that’s the case, a booming sound may result and echo through the entire system.
  • Scratching Sounds – If you’re lying in bed at night and suddenly hear a distant scratching sound of mysterious origin, it’s probably not ancient residents of the house returning in ghostly form. It’s more likely raccoons, squirrels, mice, or some form of large insect that have taken up residence in your ductwork. Time to call for professional help.
  • Scraping Sounds – Scraping noises may indicate the blower motor is breathing it’s last. This could result either from age or poor maintenance. But whatever the cause, you’ll need to have the situation checked out thoroughly as soon as possible, especially during the winter months when a system breakdown could have serious consequences.
Keep in mind that you should never attempt furnace repair yourself as the potential to create carbon monoxide leaks is very real and could have catastrophic consequences.

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