Looking for air conditioning services for your home or business?

Air conditioner installation and ongoing maintenance, of a single-room air conditioner unit or a whole-house system, air conditioner can be a major expense for most home and business owners. Some home and business owners are more comfortable with machines and tools than others, which means simple maintenance tasks can be performed without calling in a professional. But if you have doubts about what you can handle, you may find yourself needing a Toronto air conditioning repair service to address the problem.

Please follow these tips if you’re looking for an air conditioning repair or installation service for your home or business.

  • Make sure you know the model number and manufacturer name for your air conditioner. This will ensure get repairs for your specific unit, rather than being forced to use generic or universal parts.
  • We always recommend that customers check the manufacturer’s website to see if their unit is under warranty, or whether there have been any recalls for that particular model. Many sites have customer service pages where the model name and the unit serial number can be entered, and the site will return information on warranty status, recalls, and other information. Many websites also have lists of licensed air conditioning repair service companies that you can call for more information.
  • Call around and get repair estimates from at least three contractors and make sure there is no fee or, if there is, that it’s part of the final price.
  • Before you hire a company for installation service, ask for referrals. Ask family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors about their experience with a certain repair contractor, specifically: How much did they charge? Were they on time? Were they polite? And so on. You can even visit your local home improvement warehouse, and talk with whoever schedules air conditioner installations and repairs. Many of these folks are licensed professionals themselves and could refer you to someone they trust – perhaps even a company that doesn’t do business with their store.
  • Research the company’s background. Are they licensed? Bonded and insured? What kind of warranty do they provide? And be sure to ask for references.
  • Do research on your own, and understand what the problem is first before you make that call. If you know about the problem and how it’s typically fixed, then you’re more apt to find an air conditioning repair service than if you went in cold.

When looking for an installation or air conditioning repair service, it’s important to work with a company that is licensed, experienced, is familiar with your model, and can schedule appointments when needed – including holidays and off-hours.

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