Selecting Trustworthy HVAC Contractors in Toronto

Over the last several years, consumers have been trying to save money wherever possible. Though the economy is finally starting to show signs of recovery since bottoming out in 2020, the challenge still exists to save on groceries, gasoline, clothing, entertainment, and especially home energy costs. The little things like caulking around doors and windows are always a good place to start, but real energy savings come into play when consumers choose the right Toronto HVAC contractor to find the optimal solution for their heating and cooling needs. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, finding the most qualified and trusted HVAC contractor is as simple as picking up the telephone and calling the professionals at Tropic Air.

Since 1992, Tropic Air has been the top Airconditioning, boiler, and furnace contractor in Toronto thanks to industry-leading customer service and providing cutting-edge, yet affordable solutions for many HVAC-related issues the typical residential or consumer customer can expect to encounter any given year. These include a diverse range of services: Airconditioning (AC)Installation,  furnace repair & maintenance, fireplace installation, and cleaning services for everything from multi-ton commercial boiler systems to high-efficiency, tankless hot water heaters to any other HVAC projects you can imagine.

Because fraud can occur in any industry, we pride ourselves on educating customers – past, present, and future – on qualities to look for in a top HVAC contractor.

Here are some tips to consider if you’re in the market for a heating and cooling specialist:

  1. At Tropic Air, we always recommend that customers conduct basic research before choosing an HVAC contractor. This means not only gathering information on the type of furnace or air conditioner that may suit your home or business but also finding out about license and insurance requirements for companies in your area.
  2. Don’t be shy about asking people you trust for referrals. This includes family members, friends, co-workers, and even realtors, or the local chamber of commerce. If someone has an HVAC contractor they highly recommend, ask why, which leads to the next tip.
  3. Ask a contractor for references, and call as many as possible. If a contractor can’t supply you with contact information for a satisfied customer, then it’s time to call the professionals at Tropic Air.
  4. Find special offers or rebates. Local utility companies sometimes offer discounts for customers who install high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, and the same may apply to homeowner’s insurance. Also, check online with manufacturer websites to see if the furnace or air conditioner you’re interested in has any rebates available.
  5. Get written, itemized estimates from three to five HVAC contractors. This will make it easier to compare products and services and get a better idea of who’ll be more competitive with pricing.

And lastly, make sure whatever HVAC contractor you decide to work with offers a comprehensive warranty. Virtually all heating and cooling systems come with limited manufacturer warranties, but what does the company that did the installation guarantee?

For more information or a free consultation, call the HVAC professionals at Tropic Air today at 416-492-7633.