How to Avoid Costly Air-conditioning repairs

Your HVAC system is the means by which your home regulates its internal temperature. Without it your home would be an ice box in the winter and an oven in the summer; that is, it would be what homes were in the 19th century. The fact is no development in home design since the invention of glass windows has made such an impact on our quality of life as the HVAC system. Still, being mechanical, it needs to be serviced and house logic has some helpful tips on how to do that. It’s a good idea to hire a Toronto HVAC company to inspect and do maintenance on your furnace and air conditioning unit every fall and spring. They’ll do things like inspect and clean the wiring and mechanisms of the unit, which is a bit more challenging for the average homeowner. Some things you should do immediately; other tasks only need to be done seasonally or once a year. That all sounds very well and good but it also begs the question: Why? As in: Why do I need HVAC maintenance every 6 months? Will poor maintenance really lead to heating or air conditioning repair work being needed?

Most Air Conditioning Repair is Preventable

First, you should understand that your HVAC contractor won’t be running out to buy a Bentley with the money they’ll make off your service agreement. Such agreements typically come down in the $100 – $250 per year range which, when you think of the potentially expensive air conditioning repair visits regular maintenance can head off, is pretty reasonable by any definition of the term. With that out of the way here are some of the practical reasons to have your HVAC system checked regularly:
  • Reduced Energy Consumption – Just as a car performs best when all of its component parts are working at maximum efficiency, so too does your home’s heating and air conditioning system works best when everything is clean and properly tuned. Allowing dirt to build up on the filters or belts or allowing other mechanical components to fall into disrepair only creates a less efficient system that consumes more energy.
  • Improved Air Quality – The air in most parts of the world today carries a laundry list of pollutants; some local, some coming in on the wind from halfway around the world. Your one refuge from this assault is your home. And the watchdog of your home’s air quality is your HVAC system. Let dust and debris accumulate in your ducts and you might as well be outdoors. Your home is supposed to be where you breathe easy. Keep it that way with regular HVAC maintenance.
  • Prevent System breakdowns – One of the primary functions of an HVAC service visit is to check on the status of the various parts of the system to see which are running properly, which need an adjustment, and which are sending signals you’ll need air conditioning repair. If you eschew service checks and something breaks down it could cost you far more than the service contract ever would have. Instead of a service check revealing the need for a minor adjustment, you could wind up needing expensive repairs.

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The most important element when it comes to making service checks cost-effective is selecting the right company to perform them. Choose a discount fly-by-night operation and you’re likely to pay for little more than a semi-annual visit where the tech spends a few minutes sitting next to your furnace for the sake of appearances and then leaves declaring all is well. Choose the professionals at Tropic Air to conduct your HVAC service calls, however, and you can be sure every item on the service contract will be honored in full, that no parts will be replaced without solid, technical justification, and that your HVAC system will keep humming along without incident for years to come. Call us today at 647 955 8625 to learn more about preventing expensive air conditioning repair or for any new air conditioning (AC unit) installation.