While the thought of having to deal with a faulty air conditioning system can be daunting, having to replace a whole system would be infinitely worse. In Toronto, Air conditioning repairs can be a simple process for licensed Heating and air conditioning professionals who do it every day, however, neglecting problems with your system can result in major consequences. A faulty AC unit, if not taken care of, will almost certainly lead to costly repairs or in the worst cases damage to your property or even injury/illness.

Ask Yourself These Questions about Air Conditioning Repairs:

  • Do you want your air conditioning unit to have maximum efficiency, saving you time, and money and providing a cool atmosphere throughout the summer?
  • Do you want to save money on air conditioning repair?
  • Do you want to ensure that your unit has a long, productive lifespan?
  • Do you consider the safety of your belongings and those around you to be important?

Of course, you answered “yes” to all of these questions! So today we will tell you why it is important to stay on top of maintenance when it comes to air conditioning units at Toronto home or at work. Heating and ventilation experts can solve most smaller problems with ease so it’s worth calling them whenever you think something is wrong.

Problems Which Arise from Putting Off Your Air Conditioning Repairs

Efficiency – Throughout their lifespan, air conditioning units develop small, easily repairable problems that put added strain on the system. This means the unit has to work harder to provide cool, clean air. Because of this your air conditioning unit sheds FIVE percent of its overall efficiency every year it goes without professional maintenance. Simply calling an HVAC professional and rectifying this issue can cut monthly energy bills by up to 25%, saving you money and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

More Frequent Repair Jobs – Whenever a Toronto HVAC contractor comes to take a look at your air conditioning unit they will perform a total check of the whole system. They will make sure that the air filter is not clogged, which is a smaller problem and they will ensure the compressor is not leaking. This thorough inspection means that they can’t develop into bigger, more costly repairs in the future essentially saving you money in the long run. Don’t book these regular inspections though and these small issues can become big problems, requiring special attention and costing you more money to put right.

System Lifespan – If you decide to ignore the smaller faults in your AC they can turn nasty. As just mentioned, smaller problems turn into much larger ones which multiply and eventually cause your system to fail permanently. This won’t just be an air conditioning repair job, it will be a full-on air conditioning replacement, and installation costs significantly more money. A well-maintained unit can last for many years whereas a neglected one can fail surprisingly quickly.

Safety – This point cannot be overemphasized. A malfunctioning air conditioning system can be very dangerous if left to its own devices. If you notice your unit getting overly hot then do not delay in calling a professional HVAC contractor, as this issue could lead to a fire or electrical problems in your home or workplace. In addition to this, many health risks associated with faulty air conditioning units can be avoided by simply hiring the right people to check on your units regularly.

If you live in Toronto and own an air conditioning unit then schedule an assessment with Tropic Air Heating and Airconditioning, a company with over 30 years of experience in heating and ventilation services. Avoid the stress of frequent air conditioning repairs, the drama of a permanent failure, or even worse – a fire by calling Tropic Air today on (647) 955-8625. Always tune up and service your furnace units before the season kicks in and after the season is over.