Most Toronto homeowners who end up with compromised air conditioning /cooling systems didn’t set out to damage them. They simply weren’t aware that certain preventive maintenance steps need to be taken to ensure the system runs smoothly. Failing to take these steps can put undue stress and strain on the system and end up with you having to call Toronto Heating and Air Conditioning to come and set things right. So in the interest of saving you time, inconvenience and money here are 4 things to look for that could be causing your system to work harder than it has to.

4 Simple Ways to Avoid Air Conditioning Repair

We understand that most people today are working longer hours than ever before to earn their living and as such learning the vagaries of the air conditioning system just isn’t high on the priority list. However, if you fail to give your air conditioning system the periodic service/tune-ups it requires you’ll be spending your very hard-earned money on air conditioning repair, instead of on that Parisian holiday or the kid’s education. So take a few minutes and read what’s below and then print out this page and keep it handy. You’ll be glad you did. Here we go:

1. Not Changing Your Filter – Changing or having your filter changed regularly is the simplest way to keep the repairman at bay. If you’ve ignored the filter for some time and it’s become clogged with dirt and grime you’ll experience reduced airflow throughout the system. Oh, and that system will also have to work harder to push air through that dirty filter. The harder it works the shorter it lasts and the more often you’ll need to call for repairs.

2. Placing the Outdoor Heat Pump in Direct Sunlight – If your air conditioning system uses an outdoor heat pump a great way to cause it to work harder than it should is to place it directly in the sunlight, or to remove trees or bushes that were providing shade. When the heat pump is exposed to direct sunlight and higher temps it has a harder time dumping heat from indoors into the outdoor air. Providing shade will help limit how hard the heat pump has to work which will extend its useful life.

3. Putting Things in Front of Your Vents and Registers – Blocked vents and registers make the system work harder to circulate air. As a result, the system will eventually break down and require air conditioning repair. You may have heard that by closing off vents you’ll save money. To which we say “rubbish”. By closing off vents you’ll increase pressure throughout the system and send it on its way to a breakdown. Keep furniture clear of vents and registers and do a periodic check to make sure they’re not blocked by clothes, toys, and the like.

4. Not Cleaning the Condenser – The condenser unit should be shaded as we mentioned above but it also needs to be cleaned periodically. Not cleaning debris out of the condenser unit is a major cause of heat pump failure. To avoid the inevitable air conditioning repair inspect the condenser twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall – to be sure it’s not choked up with lawn clippings, leaves, twigs, or anything else.

We understand that making time to do these things may be a challenge for many Toronto homeowners. That’s why we offer comprehensive system maintenance that will keep your air conditioning system humming along and cost far less than air conditioning repair.

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