Living without air conditioning is undoubtedly possible in Canada’s northern regions. The bulk of Canadians, however, live in the south, where winters are harsh and summers are scorching. While it is technically feasible to live without air conditioning in Toronto, the temperatures can become intolerable for extended periods, especially during heat waves, and may even pose a risk to health and well-being. Some businesses and homeowners are tempted to save money by trying to avoid installing air conditioning in their Toronto business or residence but in the long run, this is almost always a big mistake. If you have ever wondered what the consequences would be if you were to switch off your air-con system for good, take a look at the points below and you will be able to find out without having to experience the resulting problems firsthand. Some of them are more serious than others but all will hurt your lifestyle or finances over time.

Why a Properly Functioning Air Conditioning Installation Is Essential

Before you decide to conduct an energy-saving experiment this year by turning off your air-con system and seeing how you cope, consider the following points carefully.

  • Damage to Your Property and Possessions – The humidity that we experience in the summer months in Toronto can cause serious damage to your home or office and everything inside it. Valuable items that are sensitive to humidity include musical instruments, paintings, and certain types of clothing. You may also have problems with the growth of mold on the interior walls of your property if you decide not to use your air conditioning installation for any length of time. Any money that you save on energy bills will be insignificant compared to the amount you eventually need to spend on building repairs and the restoration of your damaged possessions.
  • Discomfort – Staying in a property with absolutely no air conditioning when outside temperatures begin to rise, along with humidity, can be a very uncomfortable proposition. While you might find that you can deal with the conditions in May and early June, once midsummer arrives you may begin to wish you had not tried to live without climate control this year.
  • Dust Mites – Studies conducted by Canadian health authorities have shown that simply reducing inside air humidity below 50% can eliminate problems with dust mite infestations. For people with allergies and asthma sufferers, dust mites can be a real nuisance. For this reason alone, it is well worth ensuring that you have an efficient air conditioning installation to use this summer.
  • Bad Moods – It might sound unlikely but scientists discovered a negative correlation between humidity and happiness as far back as 1975. By allowing levels of humidity in your home to increase, you could be running the risk of depressing the moods of every member of your household. The negative effect of humidity on mood could be partly because you simply feel uncomfortable but there may be other underlying reasons of which we are not yet aware. Either way, using your air conditioning installation to reduce humidity in the summer months would seem to be the sensible solution.
  • Compromising Your Immune System – High levels of humidity in the home and office can lead to mold spores and other impurities in the air that may compromise your immune system. If you are the kind of person who places great importance on their health, as we all should, you may want to reconsider any ideas you have about turning off or removing your air conditioning installation completely this year. Far better to keep allergies and illness at bay by controlling the humidity in your home or business premises.

If you would like further information on the benefits of a properly functioning air-con system in the home and office, please feel free to call us at any time. We can advise you on how to keep your existing units in good working order and also provide a quotation for the replacement of obsolete equipment if required.

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