When that Toronto summer is in full swing, we all rush to the air-conditioned rooms whether they’re at work or in our homes, and try our best to cool down. That’s why it can be a nightmare when the unit is faulty and in need of repair. Whilst it may be tempting to get it fixed on the cheap by a handyman, here’s why you should look to the experts when it comes to tuning up or servicing your air conditioning unit or repairing your old AC unit installed at a Toronto residence.

Air Conditioning Repair – Why it Should Be Left to the Experts, Not the Handymen

1. If you don’t know what you’re doing, there could be grave consequences

Dramatic though it may sound, it’s true that a poorly repaired or maintained air conditioning unit could lead to serious health problems and even death. If a handyman carries out your air conditioning repair with little to no experience, then the chances of this happening skyrocket. The cooling agent involved in an air con unit, Freon, can cut off the supply of oxygen to your lungs if deeply inhaled, so if there’s an undetected leak it could result in the handyman or yourself falling very sick. Similarly, a poorly repaired unit could see an increase in the carbon monoxide levels in your home as a result, which too can result in death – so make sure you’re picking a licensed and experienced air conditioning repair man to solve your problems.

2. It’s complex

Everybody likes to think that they are capable with a tool in their hand – especially a handyman – but your air conditioning unit doesn’t just require a change of battery; it’s a complex piece of kit, which more than likely has a complex problem. Hiring a handyman first rather than a qualified repairman could be a large expense to have them only turn around and tell you they don’t know, or make the matter worse in fact. To get your problem fixed right the first time, call someone who knows – call a licensed Toronto HVAC company, not a handyman.

3. You’ll void your warranty

More often than not, your air conditioning unit will actually be under warranty, with repairs or even a replacement available for free under the warranty. However, should you decide for whatever reason to call in a handyman for your repairs, then you run the risk of voiding your warranty altogether. Not only that but there’s a high chance that your handyman may not be able to carry out the necessary repairs – which will be a double whammy of unfortunate circumstances. If you’re unsure whether you’re still under warranty or not, try to find the owner’s manual or receipt, or get in contact with whomever you bought it from.

4. It’ll take longer

We’ve already heard how it could cost more to use a handyman for your air conditioning repairs, but one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the sheer difference in the time it could take. From failing to diagnose the problem to failing to fix it, to call in a qualified repairman – that’s a long time to go without a functioning air conditioning unit! To avoid coming home to a boiling hot house every day and being uncomfortable, make sure you get in touch with someone you know will fix the problem the first time.

Say No to Handymen and yes to Tropic Air

There are plenty of great reasons to use a handyman, but when it comes to such a vital and potentially dangerous appliance like an air conditioning unit, you’re better off calling in a qualified repairman. Not only will they diagnose and fix it quicker, but if it’s under warranty it’ll be free, too.


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